I grew up in rural settings where driving meant learning to use a stick shift. I learned right away that as I transitioned from one gear to another, I must use the clutch to create a pause in the transition.

Beginnings or endings are the same. As we stop, we must engage neutral energy for a bit before shifting into something new, otherwise we risk creating all sorts of chaos, glitches and false starts. Neutral energy is static. If we are moving from one job to another, leaving a long-term relationship, starting something new (like our dream practice) we need to build in time to pause and be neutral. All too often a false sense of urgency fuels our belief that we have to act NOW! Neglecting to take time to reflect and pause, leads us to make decisions on the fly, convinced we “have to” do it now. If we wait, we might lose money, lose that ideal space, or miss an opportunity. But when we leap into the “next” without pausing, we not only short-change ourselves in the moment, but we may regret our decision over the long haul. Neutral space allows us to get clear before we move forward. And clarity (visibility on the road) is always a good thing. Yes, it slows the process, but we may just spare ourselves future grief and build our self-confidence.

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