Today’s Competing Fears

Have you noticed that the current battle lines are all drawn around conflicting fears? My fear of losing my freedom is more legitimate than your fear of the virus. My fear of vaccines is more legitimate than your fear of living in a world without them. My fear of economic ruin is more legitimate than […]

Going Viral

Words matter. They can actually be more impactful than actions. Words incite wars,  peace treaty agreements, long-term commitments and social contracts. Without communication we are impotent…powerless. A word that has been invoked a myriad of times online, across multiple platforms, is the word “VIRAL.” How many times have you heard someone describe a Facebook, Instagram, […]

Severity vs Volume: Which will Win?

Ever notice how hard it is to find the right words sometimes? We try to communicate a thought or feeling and the person on the receiving end misses the point or misinterprets what we are trying to say. It is highly frustrating for everyone involved. I notice this happening a lot right now. Over and […]

Re-Traumatization vs Stress

Everyone is feeling stressed right now. It is a normal response to the unexpected and demanding circumstances we are experiencing. But is the stress you are feeling just garden variety normal day to day stress or is it something more? Stress is felt in the body as tension and is experienced by the mind as […]

PTSD and Depression

Did you know that PTSD often coexists with depression? In fact, a third of returning veterans have depression that accompanies their PTSD. If you are struggling with profound sadness, isolation, irritability, sleep disruption, appetite changes, trouble concentrating and are tempted to self-medicate with substances, you may be experiencing PTSD co-existing with depression. Don’t accept the […]

Trauma Interventions

Trauma is a far more pervasive issue in medicine than anyone is talking about. We know physicians live highly-stressed lives, but we are reticent to talk about the trauma inherent in the field. Many are afraid to talk about living in secrecy with Post Traumatic Stress, because it can be a career killer if you […]

Thriving in Medical School

Here is my most recent podcast with Pamela Wible, M.D. discussing the five attributes needed to maintain your sense of self in medical training and beyond!

Intuition in Medicine

Some of the most intuitive physicians in medicine are emergency and urgent care docs. I remember one physician (Erik) recounting a “20 something” woman who came into the ER complaining of belly pain. All the tests were coming back negative, yet he had an uneasy feeling he refused to ignore. Something was seriously wrong. He […]

Isn’t Giving Supposed to Feel Good?

“I can’t believe that I am this exhausted,” his voice was incredulous on the other end of the phone. “How did this happen? All I’ve ever done is live by the golden rule. I’ve put others first. I’m not a jerk. I try to be patient and this is what I get?” I was talking […]

Stalled out Dreams? Get Your Mojo BACK!

It’s November and we have all successfully transitioned from summer to fall. During these seasonal transitions, we often reflect on where we are and what’s next on our “to do list.” Holidays are just around the corner which makes this the perfect time to revisit goals and recommit to our dreams. Just because we’ve become […]