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Trauma Support Package

Trauma is a far more pervasive issue in medicine than anyone is talking about. We know physicians live highly-stressed lives, but we are reticent to talk about the trauma inherent in the field. Many are afraid to talk about living in secrecy with Post Traumatic Stress, because it can be a career killer if you acknowledge your suffering. Physicians joke about OCD, anxiety, burn-out, rarely admitting that they are REALLY struggling with PTSD. Time to tell the truth.

Focus Areas:

Somatic focused trauma work virtually and in person
Claiming personal power
Negotiation skills and career development
Communication, boundaries and personal developement

You’re not used to asking for help, but you are beginning to feel desperate.

It’s too much. You can’t keep pace with the expectations and infinite needs anymore. The trauma for physicians often begins with training and continues in the workplace. Every aspect of your life is affected. Your sense of self becomes distorted. You aren’t sure who you even are anymore and whether you can trust yourself. Life at home is stressful and complicated. You feel like you are never enough, no matter how much you try. All your peers seem to be doing just fine. You’ve come to believe that you are less smart, less resilient, less valuable than others around you. You are in trouble and you don’t know where to get help.

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Sydney has amazing clarity and insight. I have had several scheduled sessions and then a few “emergency” sessions, and every time, she has come through. It is stunning what she can accomplish in a single hour session. Money well spent. I highly recommend her.–Wendy Leigh, M.D.

I am a physician in private practice and I have been seeing Sydney for about 6 months. Not only did she help me get over my trauma from residency, but she has helped me learn how to process my emotions, understand and be more compassionate towards myself, and work towards achieving my BIG dreams. And BIG dreams I have. She is extremely intuitive, kind and truly caring. I trust her with my life, that is how good she is!– Corina Fratila, M.D.

Sydney is the answer, whenever the question is, “now what?”. For medical practitioners who are done being servants and pawns in the medical industrial complex, who are ready to strike out on our own and be our own brave examples of what it means to be free from the shackles of oppression, to serve and nurture our patients by giving them all the time, love and listening that they need in order to be whole, for those of us ready to create our own ideal clinics, but just need a nudge, Sydney is that nudge. Best return in investment an up and coming independent health care professional can invest. A call to Sydney is an investment in your practice and a gift to yourself.–Lisa Goldman, M.D.


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Trauma Video Series Physician Support Group

  • 16 Videos and Modules
  • 11 Informative PDFs
  • 12 Reflective Exercises
  • Trauma Support Group Membership 


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Ultimate breakthrough Sessions using Rapid Pattern Integration

Trauma creates patterns of anxiety, hypervigilance and depression. Recovery is possible using NEW rapid pattern integration. Schedule your life changing, momentum building one-on-one session. Emergency one-on-one sessions, strategy focused monthly packages and boundary setting videos available. 


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Professional strategizing, career reinvention and renewal

  • developing tangible strategies to resolve conflict with PROGRAM DIRECTORS or PHPs
  • managing the challenges of CHARTING, new EMRs, RVUs and NON-COMPLIANCE


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