Idealism, Exhaustion and Mentoring

I rarely meet a healer whose career didn’t begin in idealism of some form. We want to be of service. We long to help and heal the masses. When our idealism unexpectedly meets the sabotaging unfairness(es) of this world, we are often left feeling depleted, discouraged and exhausted. It takes a lot of energy to maintain our sense of optimism when we are undermined or treated poorly. When large healthcare systems and universities do little more than give lip service to altruism, we struggle. We may start out believing we can change the world, but eventually we lose that hope, often losing ourselves in the process.

Often, after years of our ideals trickling away, there is little life force left. Feeling like the chronically anemic patient who is too tired to exercise or find joy in the living, we wonder when our energy will return. Lacking the energy to pursue anything, we sit and wait for things to shift, but nothing happens. We vaguely know we must do something, but have no tangible idea what that might be.

Our hope lies in returning to our dreams. This is why Pamela’s (Pamela Wible)  work is so powerful. She innately knows that the energy propelling us forward is the energy of dreams. We must return to our ideals of old and use those distant memories to help us create the new. Who was that idealistic person of the past? Did those ideals slip away as dramatically as a hemorrhage? Were they stolen away when our backs were turned, leaving us confused and barren? The way in which they disappeared is less important than retrieving their memory now. Return to your ideals and use them as compost to cultivate your dreams of today and tomorrow. Having trouble finding the road back to your idealism? Check in with your mentor. Ask them to accompany you back to the broken, abandoned dreams of yesteryear. Together you can recover those dreams and move forward.

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