Your Unique Way of Practicing Medicine

The way you practice medicine is unique. You may have been trained with hundreds of others who received identical training. You may know “best practices” inside and out. But the way that you and you alone treat patients, is as distinctive as your fingerprint. No one can duplicate your skillful style and personality. No one else is delivering medical care YOUR way. This is very good news. Today, professional success depends on differentiating yourself.  It can be difficult to identify your key qualities and unique traits after years of keeping your head down, trying to be invisible. It’s time to take an inventory of what it is you offer? What do you bring that no one even knows about?

Sometimes comparing and contrasting what you do with those around you, helps. When identifying what others are doing in your field, you will notice overlaps, similarities, AND you will notice  big differences. How might you emphasize those differences? Use dynamic language. Don’t be afraid to shine! Need help identifying what makes your practice unique? Call me. Let’s talk.


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