Personalized Intensive Retreat

Your capacity to change your life is unlimited!
—Become clear and MAKE A PLAN that will change your life—

It is time to leave the challenges of medical school, residency or your current work situation behind. What to do next?

Identify what you most want to do and what you are best suited for. Identify your strengths AND weaknesses.

Create a strategic plan that includes RAPID PATTERN INTEGRATION™ technique, guaranteeing your desired outcome. This technique was developed after years of working with clients creating personal and professional change. Change that takes place quickly, within weeks of implementing.


Do you know….

How to create and exit strategy and new life plan?
How to reinvent yourself in a way that feels more congruent with your personality type and gifts?
How to identify your strengths and fuel them?
How to brand what you do, develop policies and processes that support and protect you?
How to ask for the RIGHT KIND OF HELP?   

Experience a one month virtual online retreat with daily check-in, assignments and weekly sessions.


Spend four days in a picturesque environment on the coast where dreams become reality working one-on-one with Sydney Ashland, Medical Practice and Business Consultant.


Contact me to find out more:

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