Feeling Trapped

Are you highly independent….headstrong even? And yet you feel helpless to change your life circumstances? This is a common issue with physicians. It all starts back in medical school. You figure out very quickly that you don’t know enough. This is reinforced by instructors. You are told how hard it will be to learn what […]

Inspiration vs Competition

Most of you are competitive. Not necessarily cut-throat, get out of my way, competitive, but at the very least competitive with yourself. You are SMART. You love a challenge. You don’t want to be bored. Pamela and I know that about you. We’re the same way! That being said, when does inspiration become competition? I’ve […]

Financial Shame and the Holidays

People presume and assume that you are financially flush, able to do whatever you want for friends and family this time of year. It can be jarring when you are faced with the reality of your situation–credit cards maxed out, cash flow difficulties, no end in sight. You are NOT alone. Gone are the days […]

Top 10 Fears that Hold Doctors Back

Podcast Link Top 10 fears that hold doctors back:  1. Low self-confidence 2. Financial concerns 3. PTSD/guilt 4. Family responsibility 5. Anxiety and depression 6. Health issues 7. Addiction 8. Isolation 9. Lack of direction, passion, purpose 10. Abuse cycles. So how do we overcome our fears as physicians? How do we build our self-confidence? […]

PTSD-Are you a victim? (Excerpt)

PTSD PODCAST Pamela Wible: We just got back from leading a physician retreat and this is actually my 16th physician retreat. Sydney, you’ve been co-facilitating these retreats with me for years and I just want to check in with you on something that I’ve noticed. I’m realizing more and more how many physicians are suffering with […]

Idealism, Exhaustion and Mentoring

I rarely meet a healer whose career didn’t begin in idealism of some form. We want to be of service. We long to help and heal the masses. When our idealism unexpectedly meets the sabotaging unfairness(es) of this world, we are often left feeling depleted, discouraged and exhausted. It takes a lot of energy to […]


I grew up in rural settings where driving meant learning to use a stick shift. I learned right away that as I transitioned from one gear to another, I must use the clutch to create a pause in the transition. Beginnings or endings are the same. As we stop, we must engage neutral energy for […]