Congratulations on starting your very own medical practice. This is an exciting and sometimes scary endeavor, but you CAN do it! You ARE doing it. You’ve done your research, checked in with your community to see what is most needed. You’ve integrated what the community needs with what you do best. You are ready.

There are several marketing strategies that will help you get the word out and attract the patients who need you most.

  1. Specialization/Niche Marketing: This messaging is focused on the unique expertise that you bring to the marketplace. This is where knowing yourself well and communicating what you offer is everything. If “wordsmithing” is not your forte’, ask for help!
  2. Relationship Marketing: For many who are building practices that are patient/relationship focused, this is easy. Use a series of questions to help patients identify with who you are and what you offer. For example: “Do you wish you had plenty of time with you Dr, to describe in detail what you most need? Do you want to see someone who listens to what you say and isn’t staring at a computer screen? Do you….?” Communicating your message from the standpoint of relationship, helps you connect with the right demographic for you!
  3. Undercover Marketing: Using social media is an easy and stealthy way to engage with your audience. Sharing anecdotal stories that don’t violate HIPPA rules, blogging, engaging your audience through polling, posting pictures– are all examples of interactions that are not perceived as marketing. Other examples include holding free on-site classes, facilitating on-site or online support groups, on-site community meetings, etc. Just tell your on-going story and invite others to participate–the best undercover marketing possible.
  4. Word of Mouth Marketing: Incentivize patients to tell their neighbors, friends and colleagues by offering premium healthcare served your way. Share your gratitude with patients for their participation in your successful practice. Engage patients in group visits, leveraging shared experience to build your practice. Create a FB and Instagram presence, the modern day version of the backyard fence. Stimulate the buzz by engaging with it.
  5. Paid Advertising: Not my favorite way to market your practice, but still an option in some areas. For those rural communities where the local paper or nickel ads flyers are popular with consumers, this is a viable marketing strategy. Use your discernment to choose paid advertising carefully. It is easy to sink a ton of money into paid advertising that doesn’t work, so use caution.

There are many marketing strategies being peddled out there, but the above list is tried and true. Most of these strategies require minimal time and energy. That’s the goal…minimal effort for maximum results!


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