Inspiration vs Competition

Most of you are competitive. Not necessarily cut-throat, get out of my way, competitive, but at the very least competitive with yourself. You are SMART. You love a challenge. You don’t want to be bored. Pamela and I know that about you. We’re the same way! That being said, when does inspiration become competition?

I’ve watched Ted talk or YouTube videos that inspire me. I’ve been transported from the mundane to heights of imaginiation, infusing my practice with life giving energy. I’ve also watched videos that have turned me cold, left me feeling like I’m somehow “less than,” fueling a deeply competitive place that isn’t enjoyable. It’s awful to feel like you are achieving less than your peers, not measuring up to your true potential. I wobble on the edge of frantic energy when that competitive energy is engaged. I want to PROVE myself. I can do what you are doing. Let me show you. But, often because this competitive energy is grounded in insecurity or trying to keep up, it is energy that I cannot sustain. Eventually, I skulk away from this experience, feeling crappy and like I’ve somehow lost my edge. I don’t want that for any of you!

What to do? Walk away from any message that feels like pressure. Don’t even engage it. Instead, return to those inspiring messages that fuel your dream. You can and will do this. It takes time. Nurture your dream. Take your time. You have time. There are a lot of amazing people out there who are doing wonderful things who challenge and inspire me. I can’t hear enough about what they are doing! I will carve out time in my day or night to inspire myself. Feeling discouraged? Seek out inspiration!!

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  1. Love this Sydney! This is what is so wrong with all the “quality” metrics, with docs being measured, graded, and paid, based on performance compared to everyone else. It’s sick. It’s feeding off the spirit of competitiveness to save money for the insurance companies instead of inspiring doctors to be the best they can be.

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